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Top 5 Medical Universities of Pakistan.

Top 5 Medical Universities.

To spent a successful career,it really important to choose study in a good university. It's important for the student to search for a professional courses in professional universities. Universities play important roles in development of one's personality.
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Student Seeking admissions in good and top universities also have more chances to play role in country's affairs. Apart from that university also plays important role in following:

  • Broad thinking.
  • Professional careers
  • Social circle and contact that will last for lifetime.
Overview of Ranking:

Ranking of the university matters on some special factors:
  • Teaching Quality:
                          The ranking of the university greatly matters on standard of teaching in the university. It means that how much Phd professors available in the staff and also their seniority level. Standard of teaching holds upto 30% weight in its ranking.
  • Reseach:
                          The seond main factor is the research going on in the specific university. It means that how much Phd and masters are graduating from that university. Research holds 41% weight in the ranking of the university.
  • Financial Structure: 
                           The financial structure of the university greatly matters to the ranking of the university. In order  to rank a university, The financial parameters like Labs, Scholarships,Research etc are deeply analysed. 

We have selected 5 Top best ranking Medical universities of Pakistan. Let's take a look at them:

Top 5 Medical Universities:

  1. Aga Khan University
  2. University Of Health Sciences
  3. Dow University Of Health Sciences
  4. Khyber Medical University
  5. King Edwards Medical University

  • Aga Khan University:

Top 5 Medical Universities.
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        Founded in 1983, Aga khan medical university is ranked as top medical school in Pakistan. Having its main Campus in Karachi, AKU is regarded as one of the top medical universities of Pakistan.

The university has many campuses and training programs in different countries around the world.
 Committed to the excellency, AKU has campuses in different countries i.e Pakistan,Kenya,Tanzania,Uganda, Afghanistan and United Kingdom.


The AKU provides different bachelor programs of medicine like Associate of science in dental hygiene(ASDH), Bachelor in Nursing (BSc Nursing) and Post-RM Bachelor of Science Midwifery(BScM) etc.

AKU also provide several graduate courses like Phd in Health Sciences, MSc in Epidemiology, MSc in biological and biomedical sciences etc.

University of Health Sciences:

Top 5 Medical Universities.


                   UHS was established in 2002 having 87 colleges and institutes affiliated and around 70,000 undergraduates and 5600 postgraduates.
Headquarter of UHS is located in Lahore. It is considered as the second best medical university after AKU. Its Graduates are known throughout the world for their professional skills. Multiple Punjab Medical Colleges are operated by University of Health Sciences throughout Punjab.
Top 5 Medical Universities.
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            Vast range of undergraduate courses are offered by UHS including MBBS, BDS, DPT and BSc Nursing and BSc in applied sciences etc. 
Post graduate programs includes Phd in Medicine Education, Phd in anatomy, Phd in biochemistry etc.

Dow University of Health Sciences:
Top 5 Medical Universities.
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          Founded in December 2003,located in Karachi, Dow University is claiming excellency in providing quality medical educations to the students. It is the third best Medical university in Pakistan. 
Top 5 Medical Universities.
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The Dow University of Health Sciences, since its inception, has been focusing on community services to provide preventive and diagnostic treatment, along with rehabilitation facilities for community health care specially to the under privileged class. The students of various undergraduate and postgraduate programs of DUHS are also actively involved with the faculty 

Khyber Medical University:

Top 5 Medical Universities.
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                  Rapidly grown in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Got the fame too early, Khyber Medical university is founded in 2007 and is considered the best medical institute throughout KPK. Under the flad of KMU there are about 6000 students studying medical studies.


                 KMU offers both UG and PG courses. Undergraduate courses include MBBS,BDS, BSc Nursing,BSc MLT, BSc Paramedics etc.
Postgraduate courses include Master in Nursing,Phd in Health Sciences, MS physical Therapy

King Edwards Medical University:
Top 5 Medical Universities.
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             KEMU is the oldest medical university of Pakistan. It is also the fourth oldest medical university of South Asia. Founded in 1860 and was named after King Edward VII. Main campus is located in Lahore, Punjab.
Top 5 Medical Universities.
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It is the most competitive university of Punjab having the highest merit to get selected for Admission. previously it was affiliated with UHS but in 2005 it got the status of the university. It offers wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level degrees and ,multiple hospitals are affiliated with it for research purposes.



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