Self Motivation Is Important for your Success
Self Motivation Is Important for your Success
To be successful in your life you need to be able to motivate yourself. Self motivation plays a major role in a person's success.

People always ask "What is Self Motivation?" How you can develop Self Motivation?" Is it so important to motivate yourself?"

The Answer is Yes, it's so important to motivate yourself. Surely in this self Motivation Article, i am going to answer all these questions.

What is Self-Motivation?

According to wikipedia, Motivation is a reason for people's actions, willingness and goals.

Motivation can be defined as intrinsic or extrinsic.

Intrinsic Motivation:

The internal desire or will to do something or some work with full passion.

Extrinsic Motivation:

The motivation in which the feeling of obligation is present.

Let me explained these both situations in a more simpler way. Consider two situations:
  • You have some work to do and you are fully interested and passionate to get it done on time and with full happiness_ may be you wanted that work to assign to yourself- and you are doing it with full zeth and zest, This is what is called as Intrinsic Motivation or Self Motivation.

  • Second situation is like someone came to you and ask you to do some job_ and you have no interest to do that but the feeling of duty tends you to do that job, this is what is called as extrinsic motivation.
    Self Motivation Is Important for your Success
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To attain success in your life you need to be able to motivate yourself. There must be a spark from inside, outside spark is not enough to lit your candle. So you have to push yourself from inside to get it done for you.

How you can develop Self Motivation?

Well self-motivation is not a thing that you can buy from somewhere and become self motivated. It's inside you. You have to recognize yourself and believe on yourself. People will motivate you but that's not enough until you awoke yourself. Your energy will result in the best outcome.

Let me explain to you some tips:

Self Motivation Is Important for your Success
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  • Be The Best Whatever You are:

To start the journey of your destination, you have to lay a strong foundation in order to last for long time. Start your day with a new hope.Forget about the failures of the past,move on and search for silver linings. Put all of your efforts and prove yourself the best in whatever situations your are facing.

  • Choose your destination:
                                  Remember one thing in you life, failures are part of our lives. If we fails, that does not means that we are not capable to do that, The fact is, that might be not written for us in our fate. 

So you have to move on and set your milestone. For achieving that milestone, you have to strive hard. God will never let your hard work fade away. 

So keep on knocking the doors of destination, one day surely they will open and bestow you the best.

  • Positive Thinking:
Self Motivation Is Important for your Success
Photo by James Healy on Unsplash
                              You have to talk to yourself and make your thoughts positive about your goals. 
  • This will be simple if every night before sleep you should talk to yourself and assess that what good and bad deeds you have done on that whole day?
  • After the assessment, you should think of improving the good deeds and should try to reduce the bad things done by you.
Overcome you fear. Be the master of your fear and believe me you will never fail.

  • Search for success:
                                 Whenever you got disappointed, seek for the best opportunity, that will reduce your disappointment and always avail your opportunity. Don't be lazy to avail the opportunity that you got.

Remember Time waits for none. Make it as valuable as you can.


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