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How to Upload Your Apps on Play Stores For Free

Upload Apps On Play Stores For Free

Are you one of those who can't afford to pay for Google Play Console?
Have you put your hard work in developing your apps?

Amazon Play Store is here for all of you. Amazon Play Store is a free platform where you can easily upload your App without any payment. It's Totally Free.

Welcome you all,

In this article i am going to tell you " How you can upload your apps free on Playstore"

Everytime i see people asking for free upload of apps on google play console, now i recommend you to start with amazon play store, earn some revenue and then invest on Google Play Console.


You can upload your App Free simply in steps:
  • Sign up on Amazon developers account.
  • Choose category of your App.
  • Write Description about your App.
  • Upload the APK of your App.
  • Publish your App.

  • Sign up on Amazon Developer Account:
This is the unique and new way to earn money. It is easy and pain free publishing and earning. So don't wait and move on.

  • Go to the Amazon App Store and create a free developer account.
  • Sign in to your developer account.

  • Choose Category of your App:

You have to choose the category of your App. It means that what type of App you want to upload on amazon store.
For Example: 
Games,Books,Accessories,Ecommerce,Youtube Channel, Facebook Page etc.

  • Write Descriptions of Your App:

You have to write the description of you App. Descriptions will be of three types:
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • App Features (In bullet points)

  • Upload The APK of your App:
The APK you developed for your App must be uploaded in the last and also add a little more description to attract your users. 

Also Add Multimedia Screenshots to let people about the main features of your App.

  • Publish Your App:
Publish your App for Free On Amazon Play Store and start earning money as much as you wish.

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