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How To Make An App For Free (Simple Steps)

Make a Free App, Upload It On Play Stores And Earn Revenue.

How To Make An App For Free (Simple Steps)
Are you also from one of those people who are dreaming to have their own application to earn money from it?

Then You are at right place.

Welcome everyone,

           Today i will show you how you can make a free app without knowing the programming language. This article will have two parts:
  • How To Make An App
  • How to Upload it on Play Stores (Next Article)
In this article i will tell you how to make a free application. It doesn't matter what type of application you need, everything is available here. Following steps should be followed:

How To Make An App For Free (Simple Steps)

    Appypie is a free App maker in which you can easily make your app for Facebook page, Youtube Channel, Instagram Page and more importantly an E-Commerce Application.

    It is free of cost and you can earn Revenue by making free App.

      How To Make An App For Free (Simple Steps)
    • In the Next Step, you will be asked to tell your business name that will be the name of you application.
    You can simply add your app name whatever it is. Don't worry you can also change that later from the settings.

    • Third step is to show the purpose of your app. 
    Means what type of app you are creating either it's foe your youtube channel or instagram or what so ever. 

    You have to tell them about it.

      How To Make An App For Free (Simple Steps)How To Make An App For Free (Simple Steps)
    • Then you will be directed to a page where you can edit the main features of your app and also can make your design customization. 
    • You can customize your App as you wish to do. 

    How To Make An App For Free (Simple Steps)

    Main Customizations:                           

    • Sign up Forms.
    • About us
    • Contact us
    • Privacy policy

    Hidden Features:

    • On page SEO
    • File Upload
    • Logins (Lock Icon)
    After customisation, You sould click on > Save and Continue.

    Then you will be asked to test you app.

    A link will be sent to your email from where you can get the APK of your app and Also can Download your app from that APK.

    You can easily Enjoy your App.

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    How to Make a Free App.

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